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How To Crush It... Without The Crash Thumbnail

How To Crush It... Without The Crash


Why do we fire on all cylinders for as long as humanly possible only to hit a wall?

Every time we turn around, somebody is crushing something. Working faster. Trying harder. Getting smarter. Putting in longer hours. Sleeping less. 

Sheesh… no wonder we’re so tired!

We cannot be our best self when constantly pushing ourselves to extremes. If we really want to crush it, we need to rest. It seems so obvious.

Look at professional athletes. It is widely accepted that they give their bodies time to recover to avoid injury and reach their full potential. 

How do we ensure peak performance and an optimal life?

For starters, we can include time daily to refresh and recharge.  What does this look like for you? Exercise? Meditation? A brisk walk? Whatever form it takes, reward yourself along the way.

To increase satisfaction and reduce burnout at work, find specific things we love in what we do. In his latest book, Love and Work, Marcus Buckingham discusses recent research which found that when we love a mere 20% of our daily work activities, our level of fulfillment is greatly enhanced. What are the daily activities that increase your energy and bring you joy at work?

Slow Down. Celebrate Successes. Enjoy the Journey.

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