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Life's Most Valuable Lessons Thumbnail

Life's Most Valuable Lessons


How would it feel to open a vault of the most valuable lessons you’ve ever learned?

Would it generate pangs of guilt? Sadness? Painful memories?

Our most valuable lessons often occur when things don’t go the way we anticipate. Because of the pain and disappointment, we sometimes hide those experiences from ourselves and try not to think about them again.

Why? What if, instead, we celebrated our mistakes and missteps?

Take your first money memory. How about a painful memory around money? How does it make you feel as you reflect on those experiences? Think about your key takeaways and how those experiences impact your decisions today. If we never revisit, we are doomed to repeat.

What if we were genuinely thankful for the lessons learned and the positive impact these enlightenments have had on our lives?

Last year, I wrote a thank you note to my greatest disappointments of the year. My reflections yielded amazingly valuable, unexpected lessons and much to be thankful for. My outlook and approach to life’s obstacles has forever changed.

Some of our greatest successes are because another door closed. We’ve seen that over and over.  And, without experiencing disappointment, we can’t know the joys of success.

Open the vault to your most valuable lessons. You might be surprised to find that everything in there was hard at the time. Often, deeply painful.

Our most valuable lessons are the ones we seem to be intent on protecting ourselves from

I want to cherish hard-earned lessons.

Doesn’t that sound better than keeping them locked away?

To living your ideal life,
The Paradigm Team

Paradigm Advisors is a fee-only financial planning firm based in Dallas, Texas and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Paradigm Advisors provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to help clients organize, grow and protect their wealth throughout life’s journey. Paradigm specializes in advising well-established career executives through financial planning and investment management. As a fee-only fiduciary and independent financial advisor, Paradigm never receives commission of any kind. Paradigm is legally bound by certification to provide unbiased and trustworthy financial advice.