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Security is a Feeling  Thumbnail

Security is a Feeling

Investing Behavioral Finance

It amazes us how different everyone in this world thinks. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. These experiences mold us into the people we are today. We all strive to obtain a sense of security for whatever is thrown at us. The most interesting thing is that the meaning of “security” is different for everyone.

Step into a room with 100 individuals and ask, "What would make you feel secure in your finances?". You will likely receive 100 different answers, each with a different amount of money that people need to feel like they have any situation handled. Although the numbers vary, the feeling of control is a constant variable in each answer. This sense of control is what ultimately defines financial security for each person, regardless of the specific amount they think they need.

Our conclusion: if security exist at all, it must be a feeling… not a number.

The good news:  we can have some control over it.

The bad news: it’s up to each of us to learn how.