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& Investment Management

We’ll Meet You Where You Are.

Paradigm will help you reduce taxes, optimize investments and achieve financial freedom.




Our typical clients are...

  • Dual-career household families in their 30's or 40's earning $250,000 or more.
  • Parents with school-age children preparing for the cost of higher education while simultaneously ensuring retirement is on track.

  • Established executives at the officer or director level position who need help navigating additional employer benefits such as stock options, deferred compensation, etc.

We might be a great fit for each other if you...

  • Believe in the value of financial planning and investment management.
  • Seek a holistic life planning approach focused on time management, financial freedom, and core values.
  • Value your time and want to delegate the heavy "thinking" about your financial life so you can lead your ideal life.
  • Want personalized, one-on-one attention from highly credentialed professionals.
  • Are financially stable and want a long-term relationship with someone who can contribute an objective perspective through each stage of life.
  • Appreciate a sounding board for major decisions.


Wherever you are now - considering retirement savings strategies, evaluating private school for your children, purchasing a second home, saving for college, or supporting your elderly parents - we’re here to provide guidance.

Building a firm financial foundation to pursue your ideal life and achieve confidence in your future is paramount. You can trust us to care for your financial health, navigate dynamic changes in financial markets, optimize your tax strategy, and help avoid costly mistakes before they snowball.

We help you prepare for life’s challenges and address the financial implications of important decisions, such as:

  • Starting a family.
  • Making a career change, or starting your own business.
  • Navigating employee benefits and deferred compensation.
  • Preparing for your next stage in life.

Life is unpredictable, and the only constant is change. We are committed to guiding you through each step. At Paradigm, we value objectivity, integrity and transparency. We provide fee-only financial planning focused on guidance and support. Our advisors don’t collect commissions on any investments we recommend, allowing us to offer thoughtful, sound advice with zero hidden fees. 


1. Discovery Call

15-min discovery call with Monica to see if your situation matches our expertise.

2. Get To Know You

60-min call with Michelle and Kathleen to discuss what is top of mind, your desired future state and what it looks like to work with us.

3. Become a Paradigm Client

If we are a good fit for each other you sign agreements and we will get started!

4. Unclutter

You upload relevant documents, login into your personal eMoney portal and link accounts all in one place.

5. Intrinsic Discovery

Duration: 90 min

Finances aside, this is where we learn more about you and what is important to you. We uncover what is at your Heart's Core. This interaction gives us, and you, a better understanding of what you want. Then we help you make the best decisions about your resources. You will find increased clarity and start painting the picture of what you want your ideal life to look like.

6. Deliver Recommendations

Duration: 60 min

Together we confront what could possibly get in the way of living your ideal life. We review your insurance and address any possible gaps. We discuss our investment philosophy, your risk profile, and establish your investment account(s) and recurring contributions/distributions.

7. Establish The Plan

Duration: 60 min

We go behind the curtain and apply our decades of experience to develop a comprehensive financial plan. Together we agree on assumptions and accuracy of facts. Then we explore all the "what-ifs" to see the potential lifetime impact of your decisions.

8. See The Plan Into Action

It's time to start living your ideal life. We agree on next steps and have a clear vision of what we want to accomplish over the next 12 months. As life unfolds we revisit goals, review progress, and address life changes. We'll continue to work together via email and phone to implement recommendations.

  • We go at your pace and educate you consistently along the way.
  • For every hour we spend meeting with you, there are typically 3 to 6 hours of additional behind-the-scenes support.
  • Semi-annual meetings and check-ins begin after the initial planning phase.

We truly believe our unique perspective sets us apart. Our team has extensive experience in varied wealth management and financial planning roles. Our deep knowledge of investing, taxation, trust and estate planning shapes our view toward risk management and staying the course. Combined with our well-recognized credentials (CFA®, CFP®, CPA, RLP®), this perspective qualifies us to advise clients navigating life’s difficult choices.

Michelle Underwood Gass Photo

Michelle Underwood Gass

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Michelle Underwood Gass, CPA, CFP®, RLP®

I have always had a passion for helping people and resolving complex issues. My diverse experiences working in different areas of finance – accounting, tax, family office environment, hedge funds and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur – make me uniquely qualified to serve your needs.

My professional career started with three years in public accounting at Arthur Andersen, where I learned firsthand the positive impact of strategic tax planning on wealth accumulation. I transitioned into investment management at a Dallas-based family office before venturing into non-traditional investment strategies and founding Paradigm, where we successfully managed hedge funds for over two decades. I received a Masters of Accountancy with a concentration in Taxation and a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Tennessee. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Registered Life Planner (RLP®).

When I'm not helping others plan for their future, I'm enjoying time with family and friends. My favorite activities include walking, bridge, savoring good food and wine and traveling anywhere and everywhere...connecting with others along the way while I explore local cultures.

(214) 756-6060
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W. Kirk Dunk Photo

W. Kirk Dunk

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W. Kirk Dunk, CFA®

As Head of Investment Management at Paradigm Advisors, I work to optimize risk adjusted returns based on our clients' needs. I have always enjoyed research and am passionate about investment analysis.

I joined Paradigm in 1994 and successfully managed long/short equity hedge fund strategies for over two decades. Prior to Paradigm I began my investment career as an associate with Discovery Management, a hedge fund employing a quantitative market neutral investment strategy.

A native of Dallas, I graduated from Greenhill School and then attended Southern Methodist University where I received a BBA in Finance and Management Information Systems. I also hold the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

When I am not helping others plan for their future or doing homework with my children, I enjoy traveling, following professional sports, listening to live music, and tinkering with computers and other electronics.

(214) 756-6065
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Monica D. Fair Photo

Monica D. Fair

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Monica D. Fair

As Director of Operations at Paradigm Advisors, I support, direct and organize the daily functions of our office. My strong organizational skills, keen attention to detail and flexibility to work with different aspects of a business make the financial world a perfect fit. 

I joined Paradigm in September of 2018 and bring 25 years of operations and management experience with me. As I continue to learn and grow, my passion for helping others and my love of learning bring me fulfillment and joy. 

A native of Dallas and resident of Lakewood for the last 30 years, I have pursued extensive training in the medical profession and received multiple certifications in: medical coding and billing, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), phlebotomy and teaching, among others. For 17 years, I taught at Richland Community College. 

When I am not helping others or helping my teenage daughter plan for her future, I enjoy road trips, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking with my family, tapping into my inner peace at yoga and feeding my healthy obsession with scientific and political podcasts.

(214) 756-6067
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Kathleen Hood Photo

Kathleen Hood

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I love to help people understand their money and break down financial concepts in a more simplistic way. With previous experience in insurance, real estate, and financial planning, I enjoy the holistic approach to helping people achieve financial freedom and their ideal life.

Born and raised in Irving, I graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with my Bachelor’s degree. I currently live in Canton, Michigan and started working virtually for Paradigm in August 2022.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active with my two daughters, exploring new recipes, running on the track (when the Michigan temperature allows), and playing dominos.

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Jesse Vega Photo

Jesse Vega

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Jesse Vega

As an Associate Advisor at Paradigm Advisors, I am committed to enhancing clients' financial well-being, ensuring they are in a better position than when they initially engaged with Paradigm. 

Outside of the office I enjoy unwinding through activities like playing golf, experimenting with cooking, practicing archery, and visiting the shooting range. Additionally, I'm a keen enthusiast of attending concerts and sporting events.

(214) 756-6075
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- Henry David Thoreau


Comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment Management

Comprehensive financial planning fees start at $5,000 per annum and increase with complexity (up to $70,000). Planning fees are paid monthly or quarterly. Investment management fees are 0.75% per annum on the first $500,000 of investable assets under management and scale lower as assets under management increase. Asset management fees are paid quarterly.

Download Full List of Services (PDF)

We provide clarity, insight and direction around your finances to help you achieve your life goals. Our comprehensive financial planning services are delivered within the context of an ongoing collaborative client/advisor relationship. By working with your other advisors, we are proactive in optimizing your tax planning strategies.

We provide strategic direction, asset allocation and investment advice to our clients with the overarching goal of capital preservation and long-term growth. We take an active approach to passive investment management. We invest primarily in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, with a constant eye on liquidity for our clients. Above all, we manage your portfolios for the long term, with a “stay the course” philosophy on risk management.

See our FAQs for more information.


- Warren Buffett


- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


What does Fee-only financial planning mean & why is it important to me?

Fee-only financial planning means we’re only paid by our clients. We’re compensated solely by the fees we charge directly to our clients, not via commissions or other kickbacks. 

It’s important to you because it ensures you that our advice is in your best interest and unbiased. As fiduciary advisors, we’re not tied to proprietary financial products. We will recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for you.

Do I need to have a lot of money or be established in my career to work with a financial planner?

No! We recognize that financial planning is appropriate for different stages of life. For many young professionals, time is your greatest asset - so start now. It’s not about how much money you have. 

We’re here to help you build a strong financial foundation and to watch you grow.

What is your investment approach if I choose to take advantage of your money management expertise?

With over 25 years of experience, our team has collectively worked across all areas of wealth management and financial planning. We invest for the long term. We keep investment costs low, diversify, rebalance regularly and believe in asset allocation. 

Our experience and credentials (CFA®, CFP®, CPA, CCFC) mean we’re qualified to advise and coach clients through many of life’s difficult choices.


A fiduciary always acts in the best interest of YOU, the client.

The suitability standard requires that recommendations are suitable based on a client's personal situation. This standard does not require the advice to be in the client's best interest.

Dual-registered/hybrid advisors can "change hats" between the Fiduciary and Suitability standards.

Paradigm is a registered investment advisor (RIA) firm acting as fiduciaries at all times. We always provide full disclosure and transparency when working with clients.

What is comprehensive financial planning?

Imagine this... Your doctor recommends surgery without performing an examination or reviewing your medical history. How would you feel?

We need to understand your entire financial picture to give proper holistic advice.

Comprehensive planning involves the detailed review and analysis of your financial situation including:

- Cash flow analysis
- Risk management (insurance)
- Investment management
- Tax management
- Retirement planning
- Estate planning

Then we begin the ongoing process of:

- Setting goals
- Organizing your finances
- Discovering your heart's core
- Developing and implementing strategies
- Reviewing progress and making adjustments.

What Are Investable Assets?

Accounts managed by Paradigm are considered investable assets. Examples include:

  • IRAs (Traditional, Roth, Rollover, After-tax, SEP)
  • Taxable Brokerage Accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • UTMAs & UGMAs
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

We do not charge a management fee for 529 Plans or Charitable Giving Accounts. Employer retirement accounts are generally excluded unless managed by Paradigm.

What do the acronyms: CFP®, CPA, CFA®, RLP®, NAPFA & FPA® stand for?

CFP® - Certified Financial Planner®

The CFP® certification is recognized as a standard of excellence for personal financial planning. When selecting a financial planner, you need to feel confident that the person you choose to help you plan for your future is competent and ethical. Only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of the CFP Board can display the CFP® certification marks.

For more information on the CFP® designation, please visit: www.cfp.net

CPA - Certified Public Accountant

The CPA designation is limited to those individuals who have met the high standards of examination, professional work experience, and continuing education requirements set by the State Boards of Accountancy. Individuals with this certification will have expertise in accounting, auditing, tax, business valuation, and personal financial planning.

For more information on the CPA license visit: www.aicpa.org

CFA® - Chartered Financial Analyst®

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) credential is the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world. These individuals will have knowledge of academic theory, current industry practice, and ethical and professional standards to provide a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.

For more information, visit: www.cfainstitute.org

RLP® - Registered Life Planner®

Life Planning focuses on the human side of financial planning. In Life Planning we discover a client’s deepest and most profound goals through a mindfulness-based process of structured and non-judgmental inquiry. Then, using a mix of professional and advanced relationship skills, we inspire clients to pursue their aspirations, discuss and resolve obstacles, create a concrete financial plan, and provide ongoing guidance as clients accomplish their objectives.

For more information, visit: www.kinderinstitute.com

NAPFA - National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

NAPFA advisors have twice the number of continuing education requirements as a CFP® and even more rigorous requirements, including peer reviewed financial planning. All NAPFA advisors must be Fee-Only and take a Fiduciary Oath each year.

To learn more about NAPFA, visit: www.napfa.org

FPA® - Financial Planning Association®

The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for CFP® professionals in the U.S. and also includes members who support the financial planning process.

To learn more, visit:

Where do I have to be located to work with you?

We’re based in Dallas, Texas and in Fayetteville, Arkansas - but we’re a virtual practice. We can work with you regardless of where you are in the world. 

We’ll help you make financial decisions, either in person or online, that impact your life now and in the future.

What kinds of topics do you talk about with clients?



- John J. Beckley

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- David Campbell



Paradigm Advisors, LLC

We're based in Dallas, Texas and in Fayetteville, Arkansas - but we are a virtual practice. We work with you regardless of where you are in the world.

Dallas Texas

8111 Preston Road, Suite 575
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Fayetteville Arkansas

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